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Tammy Fender, Ally Love and Trinity Mouzon Wofford Get Experiential

A meditation, the three Ms and a matcha latte later, these leading wellness experts brought the best of their businesses to the Beauty Inc Virtual Wellness Summit.

Wellness experiences run the gamut from hi-tech facials to yoga classes, with various modalities only expanding offerings. But for her appearance at the Beauty Inc Virtual Wellness Summit on July 15, holistic skin care entrepreneur and spa owner Tammy Fender opted for something a bit more ascetic: a guided group meditation for attendees.

“I have been practicing natural beauty and holistic living for the past 25 years. I first got involved with meditation mainly to help my clients in the treatment room, as I found they were looking for a way for them to take their needs to the next level,” Fender said, referring to her spa in West Palm Beach, Fla. Her eponymous skin-care line is also carried in the likes of Goop and Saks Fifth Avenue. “True holistic skin care is when you’re addressing the person as a whole. I took guided meditation into the treatment room, and it’s also been a tremendous help to myself.”

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She kicked off the meditation by introducing various mindfulness activities. “First is a power tool: just saying a mantra. Any time you’re stressed or overwhelmed, you can just use the words, ‘I am at peace,’ or ‘all is well.’ You say those words and for a fraction of a second, your subconscious mind takes in that word as the truth,” she said.

Before lulling the attendees into the guided meditation, she also touched on visualization, another tool she encourages her clients to take with them beyond her treatment room. Fender finds it useful in times of distress. “Silencing of the mind,” she said. “Our thoughts will jump from one thought to another. I’ll visualize a balloon going up into the sky as I let a thought in, but then release it. I really do find them to be so effective.”

Slightly more physical but meditative all the same, Trinity Mouzon Wofford, cofounder of Golde, instructed the group on how to properly prepare a matcha latte at home as she described the origins of her business, which includes skin-care products and ingestibles.

“Golde is a wellness brand I cofounded with my high school sweetheart, and the idea was born from my own experiences,” she said. “I was feeling very caught between that crunchy, granola stuff and the other trending side, the prestige offering that didn’t really resonate with me. I set out on this vision to take wellness and make it more easy and accessible.”

Tammy Fender, Ally Love and Trinity Mouzon Wofford Speaking at the Beauty Inc. Wellness Summit.
Tammy Fender, Ally Love and Trinity Mouzon Wofford Speaking at the Beauty Inc. Wellness Summit. Courtesy Photo

Golde launched with a turmeric blend to make lattes, and today encompasses various superfoods in its products geared toward inner and outer health. Key to the brand’s growth, said Wofford, has been building and scaling a community connected to the brand.

“Community is an interesting thing to discuss because of everything with quarantine and the global refocusing on social justice. There’s really a renewed sense of focus on community, and specifically on digital community,” she said. “When we launched, we didn’t have a lot of cash on hand, and we had to very affordably build our brand, so we focused on targeting consumers.”

One of the most resonant ways Wofford reached her community online was via recipe tutorials, as with her matcha demonstration. Mouzon added a loose teaspoon of pure matcha to a dry vessel and whisking with a matcha whisk, then topping with an ounce from warm water to further whisk until frothy and fragrant. Pouring the then-finished matcha shot over an iced glass of nut milk, Mouzon showed off her Instagram-worthy drink to the camera.

Just before signing off, Wofford did tease upcoming launches from her brand, which is best known for its powdered superfood lattes. “There are a few new sku’s coming out in the next few months in the superfood ingestibles space,” she said.

As a Peloton instructor, and founder and chief executive officer of Love Squad, wellness champion Ally Love also joined in the mix of mavens. Love kicked off her segment by redefining self care, a core tenet of many wellness practices. “Self care is a hoax. And I say that because we often hear this concept made up around trends, maybe self care is getting a massage, or doing a facial,” she said. ”Now, I’m not discrediting that those are great, because I love a good facial.

But it is not this concept that we are talking about when we’re thinking of inner health and outer beauty,” she said.

According to Love, self care goes much deeper than physical pampering. “Many of us can articulate some of the things that make us feel good. But not all of the things that make us feel complete,” she said. As for her approach? “I call them the three Ms. The matter, mind and meaning.”

Love described “matter” as the physical, such as taking care of one’s body. The other two are more abstract. “Many of us can identify when we’re physically out of shape. We cannot identify when we are mentally and spiritually out of shape. And that is where we break down, and we do not completely understand what true self care looks like,” she said.

For Love herself, that might mean taking an hour out of her day, either to do a puzzle or read a book, as examples of mental self care.

Love’s approach to “meaning,” which she also defines as spirituality, is compatible with any religion (or lack thereof). “When I talk about meaning, I am connecting to your spiritual self no matter what you believe in. It is for everyone,” she said. “We all have that element of soul. We always say, don’t be eye candy, be soul food. What do we need to feed our spiritual self? For me, prayer comes up a lot.” Love also noted meditation and gardening as ways she stays spiritually connected.

As a final note before a Q&A, Love reiterated that the three pillars of her self-care practice need maintenance. “Think of those three M’s when you think of your whole self. When you’re thinking of your self care and what you need, keep in mind it’s matter, mind and meaning,” she said.

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