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The Limited Launches Fragrance Collection

The retailer is making a lifestyle appeal with Simply Modern, a collection of three fragrances.

The Limited is trying its hand at fragrance with Simply Modern, a collection of three scents.

The brand will launch Simply Modern in 126 doors on Sept. 7, including outlets and Back Room stores. The fragrances will roll out to the rest of the company’s doors on Nov. 2. A 1.7-oz. eau de parfum is priced at $50 and a purse spray is $17.95. Also in November, a rollerball discovery set will be available for $25, along with gift set containing a rollerball, lotion and body mist for $30 and a separate 4-oz. lotion will retail for $10. The collection is part of the brand’s strategy to grow The Limited into more of a lifestyle concept store.

“A fragrance collection was really critical, rounding out our offering…and establishing a connection with the client,” said chief executive officer Diane Ellis. The Limited, Ellis noted, is hoping to appeal to its customer base from a lifestyle standpoint by offering more than just professional clothing. “We’re rounding off that full lifestyle offering — petites, lounge, accessories,” said Ellis. “Perfume is the most personal accessory there is.”

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Simply Modern was designed in conjunction with Tru Fragrance, which advised The Limited to market Simply Modern as a brand distinctive from The Limited, save for a subtle logo on the cap. “The idea wasn’t to put a logo on a product,” said senior creative director Jake Nagle. “The Limited has had fragrance in the past but it was the old way, private branding — putting a logo in the store and hoping it will sell.”

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Each fragrance was developed by a different female perfumer, and the marketing efforts are centered on the idea of a product for women, made by women.

Fleur, a blend of bergamot, magnolia and blonde words, was developed by Annie Buzantian at Firmenich. Gil Clavien, also at Firmenich, created Belle — a mix of grapefruit, raspberry and bergamot with water hyacinth, jasmine petals and lotus flowers with amber top notes. A junior perfumer at Drom, Caroline Ivanica, worked on Luna, comprised of blood orange, pineapple, wild orchid, raspberry flower, vanilla and mahogany.

Ellis noted that the campaign will be focused on a videos featuring the three perfumers each talking about what it means to be a female perfumer, their career trajectories and the perfumes they created. The videos will live on and will be promoted on The Limited’s social media channels. There will also be a sampling campaign.

“The client is really reacting to women-empowered brands — [especially] in our traditional retail fleet in our top-tier malls,” said Ellis, ticking off the Houston Galleria and Miami International as examples. The Limited has experimented this year with accessories capsule collaborations with women designers.

Nagle referred to the video as the emotional centerpiece of the campaign that will drive customers into stores to buy the product — not an easy feat in a retail store known for clothing. “It’s bringing an emotional energy relating to being a woman and what it means…the mother, the wife, the businesswoman…and really get that final push, this element of polish related to a clothing store,” said Nagle. “The customer wants to feel polished and put together.”