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Victoria Beckham Steps Into Digital Spotlight

She is touting her Estée Lauder makeup collection with how-to videos.

ON CAMERA: Victoria Beckham continues to gain ground in beauty by pressing into digital while also expanding retail global distribution of the makeup collection she has created in partnership with Estée Lauder. Last week, she released two how-to videos. On one clip, she creates a smudgy eye and on the other she demonstrates her technique for facial contouring. According to Lauder, the videos combined drew 20 million views in the first week.

A third video, tackling the fine points of using pink, was released Tuesday and a fourth is expected this week. “I still have a lot to say,” she noted while discussing the importance of digital in developing her brand. It comes from experience. “I wear everything in this collection,” she flatly stated.

Beckham was on deck Tuesday to feature on Sephora’s Instagram Stories channel, according to Stephane de la Faverie, global brand president of Estée Lauder. Simultaneously, the brand was put on sale in five of the chain’s doors.

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Beckham was speaking Monday night in TriBeCca during her first product presentation before a digital crowd of more than 140 influencers, bloggers and beauty editors. “I’ve just scratched the surface at the moment,” she said of the 28 stockkeeping unit collection, noting that she would like to delve more deeply into beauty beyond makeup. One aspect of the collaboration with Lauder that mildly surprised Beckham was the length of the product development process. “I am a perfectionist,” she mused, “and the Lauders are perfectionists.”

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So far, the consumer reaction has been strong. When Beckham made an appearance at Selfridges in London Sept. 5, sales reportedly jumped by 35 percent, compared with a similar event last year. Executives declined to reveal sales figures, but industry sources estimate that the event generated 22,000 pounds, or $24,000, in sales.

On the retail distribution front, the number of doors worldwide is now being expanded from 450 stores last year to an estimated 1,200 by the end of October.