The Ultra Mini Baguette

Upbeat, energetic and optimistic were the most apt descriptors for Fendi’s 2021 fall collection. The bright and hopeful looks were perfectly accented with an array of men’s bags, making it clear that the battle for this season’s “It” bag is in full swing. We’ve chosen below the top five must-have bags from today’s livestreamed show.

The Ultra Mini Baguette

The Ultra Mini Baguette  Courtesy of Fendi

There is nothing new about extremely small bags, which have been popular on runways for several years, but this updated and elegant men’s version of the renowned heritage Baguette feels completely fresh — although good luck trying to fit anything else in it other than a cell phone.


The Bright Gym Bag

The Bright Gym Bag  Courtesy of Fendi

Wellness and fitness are on everyone’s mind, and this vibrant red gym bag will ensure all new year’s resolutions are met with style.

The Backpack-Tote Hybrid

The Backpack-Tote Hybrid  Courtesy of Fendi

Backpacks might be on the way out, but this hybrid version in bright yellow embossed leather hits all the right notes — giving city utility just the right jolt of energy.

The Artsy Peekaboo

The Artsy Peekaboo  Courtesy of Fendi

This season’s collaboration with British artist Noel Fielding was showcased on this Peekaboo bag, where he worked his magic with naif tangles drawn of colorful threads. For the collector, this is a sure bet.

The Oversized Messenger Baguette

The Oversized Messenger Baguette  Courtesy off fendi

The melancholic feel of the early Aughts might be the next trend thanks to this ultra-cozy messenger Baguette bag. It invokes a need for a countryside bike ride, but with all the right style elements.

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