Mack Weldon Ion Series

Mack Weldon continues to grow outside of the innerwear space.

The men’s basics brand is venturing into the accessories category with the ION Series, which will be available today on Mack Weldon’s e-commerce site.

“We were always talking about what was missing from our accessories. It felt really similar to what led us to reinvent men’s basics,” said Brian Berger, who cofounded the brand. “Everything out there felt just too sporty or too high fashion for our needs. Once we started hearing similar feedback from our customers, we knew it was time to go to work.”

The line, which retails from $28 to $148, includes a backpack, weekend bag, dopp kit, wallet, glove and hat. Matthew Congdon, creative director and vice president of design, said he and his team have layered innovative features into the items. The wallet, which will be available for spring, includes a mini charger along with RFID lining and a zip closure to keep things safe. Travel kits have antimicrobial silver lining and extra travel size bottles. And the weekender is made from industrial grade waterproof fabric and also includes a charger.

This line comes after Mack Weldon has introduced apparel, swimwear and an active line that launched with Equinox.

“In many ways, this extension seems obvious to us. These are, after all, essential items that we rely upon every day and there was clear opportunity to innovate and differentiate from a product POV. Plus the items are evergreen, which we love,” said Berger, who added that future launches will be aligned with what the Mack Weldon customer is asking for.