Keepall Weekender

Virgil Abloh’s fall collection for Louis Vuitton explored issues of racial identity and cultural appropriation, drawing attention to the concept of “Tourist vs. Purist,” or newcomers versus the establishment. The lineup was full of familiar silhouettes but all had the signature Virgil touch, turning the traditional into cultural conversations. “I wanted to make clothes that were normcore, but sort of amplify them, so that they became artisanal, or runway, or editorial,” Abloh said.

Runway, editorial and artisanal are also the perfect words to describe the vibrant and eye-catching accessory collection that will for sure create the consumer frenzy we have come to expect from Louis Vuitton men’s wear. Here are some of our top choices:

Upcycle XS Keepall

The introduction of the Upcycle logo is one of the main through lines of this fun fall collection. When used on the mini or XS Keepall bag, a style that debuted last season, the result is the perfect marriage between a trend accessory and the right ideology. We are all for it!

Updated Briefcase

There is nothing that says “business ready” better than an LV briefcase. This season’s features matte black hardware and a spray paint effect, both elements that bring Abloh’s heritage aesthetic to the forefront. It’s a brand new day for the business world’s dress code.

The Cowboy Boots

Louis Vuitton

The past spring season saw a cowboy-sneaker hybrid that was exiting, but this season’s more straightforward interpretation feels closer to the traditional cowboy boot. The popular green color palette and the shorter shaft turns the classic into a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory.

’90s Raver

The idea of a physical rave still feels far from reality, but these white ’90s raver-inspired sunglasses are the perfect accessory to get in the mood.

“Tourist vs. Purist” Keepall Weekender

Probably the most iconic shape of all, this weekender has been updated throughout the years, turning this classic into a perennial collector’s item. The thick crossbody jewelry black chain and the graphic embellishment of the green slogan ensure this version will join the fashion history books.

Metallic Carry-On

The use of metallic finishes appeared on an array of bags this season, but this metallic mini trunk carry-on is the perfect blend of runway, editorial and artisanal, and epitomizes travel glamour.

Playful Tote

The use of bright yellow, red graphic stamping and sleek chains are another nod to Abloh’s eternal child-like design approach that works so well both on Instagram and IRL.

Airplane-Keepall Bag

While this may not be your everyday bag, this one-of-a-kind bag creation is an homage to childhood paper planes and works perfectly with this season’s elaborate airplane toy invitation. It symbolizes yet again the designer’s Peter Pan-forever child approach.

The Bigger the Hat, The Closer to Fashion

This collection plays with fictional archetypes, and this exaggerated Western drifter cowboy hat not only ensures social distancing but also gives a good side of fashion drama.

Paris, Texas

The classic French heritage of the LV brand was displayed in the long leather gloves and leather punch, and yet blended effortlessly with the traditional oversize Western belt for a new, unifying message.

Hiking Hybrid

Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2021

Louis Vuitton Men’s, fall 2021  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

This brand new model plays with classic sneaker styles, hiking references and playful bright colors, and is already creating a frenzy among sneaker collectors.