Hermès’ Haut à Courroies bag.

Hermès, a brand synonymous with true luxury, has built a men’s wear legacy based on traditionalism – elevating minimalistic dress codes with timeless appeal. But for fall 2021, Hermès designer Véronique Nichanian branched out and offered a more youthful and sporty collection, featuring hooded parkas, striped sweaters, joggers and fleecy jackets. A trend present throughout many men’s collections this season was a mash-up of indoor and outdoor references, and Hermès joined in with its leather shirts and cozy heritage plaids.

Accessories, which live at the core of the Hermès brand, were naturally at the forefront. The colorful, outdoor-inspired collection included an effortless reinvention of some classics from the French house, the introduction of new styles and even a highlighter pink sneaker. Here, our five accessory highlights from the Hermès show.

Haut à Courroies

The Haut à Courroies was Hermès’ first bag and was designed to protect and transport saddles and riding boots. This collectors’ favorite was presented in wooly canvas and calfskin, and the lighter construction allowed for a more casual and younger take on the iconic bag.

Tartan Galop Fourre Tout 48hr Bag

This is Hermès’ take on a weekender bag. Another classic from the heritage brand, it has been reinvented in a tartan tweed and calfskin and was featured in blue, green and the plaid graphic detail above, which folded in with the country-chic side of the collection. There may not be an immediate need for a weekend getaway bag, but the Hermès idea is to invest in pieces for years to come.

The New Men’s Clutch

This is a brand new bag for the French house. This calfskin clutch features the renowned H logo and a short hand strap. Although the style is undeniably sophisticated with a continental flair, the size and design evokes a man on the move.

Garden Voyager

Hermes Men’s Fall 2021

Hermès, men’s fall 2021  Courtesy of Hermes

This softly constructed bag made from canvas and calfskin is reminiscent of the women’s Garden Party bag. The tote shape makes it a great daily bag with aspirations to replace the backpack as the “It” men’s bag of the season.

Sneaker Glam

Hermès/Armando Grillo  Armando Grillo

Hermès has done sneakers in the past, but never in this assortment of bright colors. These sporty kicks were featured in bright pink, blue, green and yellow. The zesty colors played well with the collection’s dressy track pants and cropped leather jackets, injecting a sense of optimism that is as needed on the runway as it in daily life.