A scarf from the X of Pentacles Outlaw series.

Self-taught in all aspects of design and driven by a passion for men’s wear, designer and founder Marcel Ames is the one-man show behind the brand X of Pentacles. Based in Richmond, the company offers limited-edition art prints as scarves, pocket squares and ties manufactured in England, France and Italy, as well as bespoke Neapolitan tailoring (all sewn by hand in Naples, Italy) and a made-to-measure program.

With an aesthetic that is centered around a balance of old-world craftsmanship and contemporary artistry, the brand operates with a sustainable consciousness, creating garments and accessories that are conceived with the intent to last for generations rather than seasons. 

“There is always a utilitarian approach in how most of the accessories are created, as some people frame them and some wear them. So I take into consideration how things appear rolled, folded, draped — and which elements show,” said Ames. Rather than circulating prints and patterns from archives, all illustrations are done by hand and then transferred digitally. The finished works are sent to the fabric mills, which in turn are printed onto Italian wool and silk blends and then sewn and finished by hand in the same Lyon, France workshop used by Hermès, into the final wearable art product that takes an unconventional and soulful approach to sartorialism.

Comic illustration, Italian cinematography, the Wild West and Roy Lichtenstein in particular were big influences for Ames for his last collection, which is always produced in limited batches, (15 to 30 per design) and once sold out, said illustration is never replicated.

Priced between $70 and $285 for the accessories range, X of Pentacles offer a completely handmade original product that places a unique spin on visual texture and details that can only be achieved the good ole’ fashioned way.

A scarf from X of Pentacles' Outlaw series.

A scarf from X of Pentacles’ Outlaw series. 

X of Pentacles' Aborigine art print silk twill Carré scarf.

X of Pentacles’ Aborigine art print silk twill Carré scarf.