The Eton Style Carousel

Eton has come up with a creative way to sell its men’s shirts.

The Swedish shirt manufacturer has created Eton Style Carousel, a digital slot machine where its shirts are displayed on a spinning wheel and customers can spin that wheel to try and win a free shirt.

The interactive game starts April 25 and will run through May 15. During that time, consumers can go on the company’s Web site — — to sign up and play. The players “spins” the wheel and if the same style shows up across all three rows, he will be sent a voucher for a shirt of his choice.

Earlier this month, Eton brought a physical version of the game to Sweden’s Nordiska Kompaniet department store for a week. The game was a big hit with customers, the company said, and thousands of shoppers spinning the wheel. The wheel is built from ash wood and polished brass.

“In the physical retail space, the Eton Style Carousel proved to be a bigger success than we had ever hoped for,” said Johan Falk, global marketing director for Eton. “We are now very excited to be able to bring the experience to the entire world through the digital campaign.”

Eton Style Carousel displays a varied assortment of shirts ranging from floral prints, denim and linen sport shirts to more-formal button-downs. The site also gives an insight on how the actual installation was created.