George Zimmer

George Zimmer is going high-tech.

The founder of the Men’s Wearhouse has created a new virtual tape measure for his latest retail play, Generation Tux, an online tuxedo and suit rental company.

The company is employing this new proprietary algorithm that accurately determines a person’s measurements based on a series of questions.

“Removing the tape measure is a giant leap forward in terms of speed and convenience,” said Brian Webb, Generation Tux’s chief technology officer. “Our customers can now complete the entire rental process in under five minutes, anytime, anywhere, with Internet access as the only requirement.”

The new process avoids hand measuring and its historical inaccuracies and instead uses data collected from previous customers of both Generation Tux and its sister company, the mobile tailoring service, zTailor, to create what it says is a more efficient measuring and fitting process.

According to the company, the fit algorithm can accurately predict a person’s measurements using basic questions such as height, weight, age and waist size by comparing them to the tens of thousands of measurements that have been collected from other customers. Those figures are then used to build a “sophisticated machine-learning algorithm based on a neural network, a category of machine learning designed to mimic the functions of the human brain.”

The measurements are accurate within fractions of inches, according to the company.

Other online men’s wear brands such as Indochino and Knot Standard still require the use of tape measures to get an accurate fit.

“Since I started measuring guys in 1973, the main problem in the accuracy of measuring men’s clothing is the tape measure; we have eliminated it,” Zimmer said. “Our new algorithm is able to instantly predict measurements as accurately as a tailor.”

The system is currently available on the Generation Tux web site.

Zimmer created Generation Tux in 2014 to provide tuxedo and suit rentals at competitive prices that are then shipped directly to customers.

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