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Michael Andrews introduced his made-to-order men’s collection with an intimate cocktail party at his Great Jones Street store last week.

The store, tucked away on a cobblestone alley in SoHo, is targeted to high-end customers seeking a bespoke garment. Although Michael Andrews, a former lawyer, has concentrated on custom clothing for the past decade, he has now branched out into made-to-order, which is being produced under the direction of the brand’s new creative director, Charles Dean.

The made-to-order collection will be available on the company’s new e-commerce site so customers who are not able to visit New York can still order hand-tailored, bench-made clothing.

“With the launch of the made-to-order collection, we are not only expanding the Michael Andrews brand to a global consumer but are creating a true first-of-its-kind hybrid product line that combines the quality and fit of custom, handmade men’s wear with the ease of online shopping,” said Andrews, founder and chief executive officer. “Over the years, we have mastered the ability to provide our customers with sophisticated, high-quality clothing that marries old-world sophistication with modern design elements. The collection allows us to grow our business in a meaningful way by making our products available to all men around the world.”

The made-to-order offering includes suits, shirts, sport coats, formalwear and overcoats.

Dean explained that customers ordering the clothing online provide general sizing information that the company will put into its algorithm program to generate a proprietary pattern. From that pattern, a sample is generated and sent to the customer to try on before a final garment is created. Customers can also personalize the garments by choosing collars, cuffs, linings, etc.

“I’ve worked with Michael Andrews for years, and he and I share a vision and an aesthetic that will enable us to combine the true elegance and luxury of our bespoke heritage with a made-to-order collection,” Dean said.

The made-to-order collection will retail from $1,795 to $3,995 and be available approximately four weeks after purchase.