Nick Graham has signed a licensing deal with Paramount Apparel International for the launch of men’s hats and scarves. The collection will debut at department stores for holiday.

“Adding the hat and scarf categories to the brand is a terrific addition to the collection,” the designer said. “It extends the brand even further, and adding it to the dress shirt, outerwear and tailored clothing collections brings us one step closer to dressing up America in style.”

The hats are designed to embody the “spirit, sophistication and modernity that defines how men dress today.” Among the models will be a dobby pork pie hat, a Trilby with layered band and bow tie, a bowler with a dobby printed band, a Mountie hat with a leather chin strap, a striped edged beanie and Trapper hats with plaid accents and faux fur.

Mike Jaques, vice president of sales and marketing for Paramount, added: “If there’s one company that we expect great growth from, it’s Nick and his team.”

Retail prices will range from $24.99 to $44.99 for hats and $29.99 for scarves.

NGL, Graham’s operating company, was launched in 2013 and produces dress shirts and neckwear under license from NGX, which is owned in partnership with the Iconix Brand Group. NGX also licenses tailored clothing to Lanier Clothing.