Suitable basics

Suitable is moving beyond custom suits.

The start-up, which was founded by Ray Li in 2014, began with custom suits, but starting Dec. 7, shoppers will be able to order custom white oxford shirts for $145, dressy sweatpants for $170 and a blazer for $425.

“Increasingly, most men don’t wear suits in their day-to-day, but they care about fit and they want a simpler way to shop,” Li said. “For us, we have a loyal customer base that wants the same fit experience with other products.”

Li is hoping that by expanding the assortment, male shoppers will start to rely on Suitable to create a wardrobe of pieces that work together.

“We’re building a system of beautifully designed separates that should pair together easily, regardless of what you buy,” he said.

Suitable recently partnered with Patrick Janelle, who runs a popular Instagram account, @aguynamedpatrick, on a collection of suits and outerwear and opened a New York City showroom where shoppers can try on clothes and be fitted.

According to Li, Suitable will launch new product categories in the next few months.

Li believes that unlike other custom services, Suitable offers a streamlined, edited process that makes it easier for men to shop.

“The traditional custom process is pretty complex and overwhelming. The clothier abdicates their responsibility to design and passes it on to the customer to choose their fabrics and design elements,” Li said. “We think there’s an opportunity to have a unique design aesthetic and combine it with a custom clothing service.”

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