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Yael Sonia is growing her men’s collection.

The jewelry designer is working with sterling silver, which is a first for her brand, and incorporating other materials including leather, cord and organic gems.

“For our men’s assortment, we found it important to also tap into a metal more accessible than gold, while still keeping it exclusive,” Sonia said. “Even though men are spending more on themselves and there is definitely a rise in demand for men’s jewelry, the amount of money they spend on jewelry is not the same as women.”

The collection, which retails from $325 to $1,150, includes architectural bracelets, cuff links and pendant ring necklaces. “I think people appreciate the dual wearability you get from a single piece,” Sonia told WWD.

Sonia, who launched the men’s line last year, said stud earrings have also resonated with the male consumer.

“There’s a lack of men’s earrings in the fine jewelry market and it seems there is an increasing demand for them as the perception of jewelry for men changes,” she said.

The line is sold at Odin, the Yael Sonia e-commerce site, and Swoonery, a jewelry e-commerce start-up. Sonia said she wants to keep distribution limited and focus on the one-on-one, personalization experience at her showrooms. She also plans on introducing a men’s bridal category with modern and contemporary wedding bands.