The Caten brothers in their new gym.
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WWD Men's Collections issue 03/20/2017

MILAN — After delivering the hottest rooftop bar-cum-restaurant and swimming pools in town in 2013, Dsquared2 founders and creative directors Dean and Dan Caten have expanded their Ceresio 7 project with the opening of a luxury gym and spa club. Designed by Milan firm Storage, the club, located in the basement of the company’s headquarters on Via Ceresio, spans more than 19,375 square feet and features areas dedicated to everything from Crossfit and yoga to Pilates. The spa offers a swimming pool, Turkish baths and saunas, while French beauty brand Biologique Recherche provides face and body treatments in the beauty and massage cabins. And to guarantee a five-star, customized service to its members, Ceresio 7 Gym & Spa even offers blood and hormone tests, as well as posture analysis.

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Here, the Catens discuss the project and reveal details about their own training routine.

WWD: Why did you decide to open a gym at Ceresio 7?
Dean Caten: Because we wanted our passions to become a unique and exclusive lifestyle project and Ceresio 7 Gym & Spa is one of those. We really love the fine cuisine, relaxing in a special spa and taking care of our bodies. And what better solution than to have a space that brings together the things we love to do with our vision and style?

WWD: Can you stick to your training routine before and during fashion week?
Dan Caten: During fashion week, it’s very difficult to schedule our free time. Thus we reduce or sometimes have to give up training.

WWD: Ceresio 7 Gym members are guided not only by trainers but also by nutritionists. What’s your nutritional plan?
Dean Caten: We love good and healthy food and we try to follow a balanced diet based on low carbs, good fat and protein. Basically, we eat whole foods and avoid refined sugars. But we do take specific breaks both in the morning and in the afternoon when we eat almonds or walnuts.

WWD: Have you ever been given a really great health and fitness tip?
Dan Caten: After a training session, going in the sauna and then submerging your body in a cold bath further relaxes you, activates circulation and simply makes you feel so good. After that, drinking a detox smoothie. Best tips ever.

WWD: What’s the best health and fitness tip you can give?
Dean Caten: Move every day — even just walk — and do not eat too many processed foods. Sleep enough and take at least one day a week to eat what you really like. And above all, smile.

Train Like a Caten
Here, the Caten twins share their personal workout program.

• 500 meters very slow on a rowing machine to activate the muscles.
• Warm-up: 3 rounds of 10 knee-to-chest-to the bar; 10 Superman stretches alternating with plank, and 10 situps
• Build-up: 5 rounds of 5 bench presses, starting with 20 kg and increasing each round and 5 bodyweight pull-ups
• Metabolic Conditioning: 4 rounds: 10 swings of 12 kg kettle bell; 10 pushups, and single-leg rope jumps
• Metabolic Conditioning: As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes: 30-second battle rope; 10 dumbbell thrusters, and 100-meter sprint on a treadmill.

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