In celebration of its 10th anniversary, GQ magazine has lured some alumni from its Best New Menswear Designers in America program to participate in this year’s edition.

Michael Bastian (class of 2007 and 2011), Steven Alan (class of 2008), Saturdays NYC (class of 2012) and John Elliott (class of 2014) have been tapped by editor-in-chief Jim Nelson and creative director Jim Moore to create capsule collections in celebration of the past decade. The designers will be featured in the April issue of GQ, which will hit newsstands on March 29, and will collaborate with Gap on a limited-edition collection, which will be sold this fall exclusively at select Gap stores worldwide.

Bastian said creating a capsule was “a great challenge. It’s the difference between a novel and a good short story. They’re equally powerful.”

Elliott said after being singled out two years ago, “one of the most incredible experiences of my life was going to the Gap near where I live in L.A. to look at my first GQ collection, and they didn’t have anything left.”

Nelson said turning to prior winners indicates the magazine is “in a celebratory mood — 10 years is a good chunk of time, enough for this program to have introduced an impressive array of talented designers to a wider audience, and to establish itself as part of the fashion world’s creative support system. So we wanted to go big this year, to revisit some of our most significant alumni over the decade. We’re calling them our All-Stars. Together, they show the breadth, growth and promise of American men’s fashion.”

Wendi Goldman, executive vice president of product design and development for Gap, said the initiative shines a light on “a group of designers that have left a lasting impact on the program.”

The designers will create an exclusive, affordable line that will be sold in more than seven countries as well as online. GQ will also feature the pieces in its October issue.