The landmark building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Isaia will open its first store in San Francisco in a landmarked Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building at 140 Maiden Lane.

The 7,900-square-foot store will have 4,000 square feet of selling space and will open on Sept. 22.

In converting the historic building, the Naples-based luxury brand retained all of Wright’s original features and materials. That includes the wall plaster, millwork, trim, railings, bubbled ceilings, suspended planter, glass entry and the brick and stone facade.

Wright designed the building for the V.C. Morris Gift Shop in 1948. It was used by the architect as a prototype for the circular ramp at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, which he also designed.

“This year marks our 60th year as a brand,” said Gianluca Isaia, chief executive officer and third generation of the men’s wear brand. “It is personally very important to me that we are always pushing to do new things, while paying homage to our heritage. Opening a shop in the landmarked Frank Lloyd Wright building accomplishes just that.”

He added that the company was “honored to have the opportunity to work within such a respected piece of American architecture. We kept the integrity of every design feature intact.”

Isaia likened the project to “restoring a masterful piece of art to its glory, and giving it a new personality.”

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building in 1948.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building in 1948. 

The designer, Ferrari Architetti, worked with the Preservation Commission at the San Francisco Planning Department to meet the needs of a retail store while retaining the history of the space. as well as the Lochte Architectural Group and preservation planners Page & Turnbull.

“The real challenge was to blend Frank Lloyd Wright’s original architecture with the new reality of creating a luxury shopping experience,” said Martino Ferrari of Ferrari Architetti. “Our aim was to blend these two realities that were so different and to emphasize in the process, the beauty of both.”

Isaia maintained all the original design features of the space.

Isaia maintained all the original design features of the space. 

In addition to the store’s fall tailored clothing, sportswear and made-to-measure collections, the store will also house a vintage Campari bar, red lacquered piano and seating areas.

The store will additionally include a Frank Lloyd Wright library, curated by the architect’s Conservancy, with books on his work. It will also host a rotating art gallery and an architecture lecture series.

The Isaia brand was founded in 1957 and currently operates 13 stores around the world including Beverly Hills, Milan, Capri, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong and on Madison Avenue in New York.