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Kiton, the upscale Italian label, will open its second store in Tokyo, an 820-square-foot boutique on the Ginza, on April 6.

The 820-square-foot store is one of 16 units the brand operates in Asia. There are six in Korea, six in China, two in Macao, one in Hong Kong and one in Singapore.

The Ginza store features a new design concept by architect Michele De Lucchi. The store is constructed from natural ingredients and sports a neutral color palette. The men’s and women’s lines are displayed inside large wardrobes as a collection, with jackets, suits, shoes, bags and accessories merchandised together.

Antonio De Matteis, managing director of Kiton, said this store “reflects the importance of the Japanese market for our company. The art of Kiton embraces Japanese culture through avant-garde architecture that blends well with the elegance and sophistication of Japanese customers.”

“Light plays a key role,” De Lucchi said. “The space is divided into four rooms, each with its own distinctive character: the entrance is large and spectacular, there is a room for accessories made of black metal, a tailor’s fitting room where a tailor works closely with customers, and a room specially designed for women with striking petrol blue walls.”

Kiton will replicate this design at its Milan store, slated to open in the former Palazzo Ferre in Via Pontaccio next year, as well as to all the store openings it plans worldwide going forward.

Kiton operates 50 stores around the world. The company also plans store openings in Monte Carlo and Paris this year.