Linder Zodiac Calendar

Linder is trying out different forms of expression.

Kirk Millar, who cofounded the brand with Sam Linder, wanted to offer a print takeaway with the fall men’s collection, which was centered around different ideas of masculinity, so he produced a zodiac calendar that’s available to purchase for $45 on Linder’s e-commerce site.

“The collection was specifically about the interior world of a gay man, and the vibrant inner life becomes visible to others as you begin to accept ​that you are ‘different’ and it’s a gift,” said Millar. “I think the calendar is about this as well, but very directly addresses the wounding and the healing process. It takes time, hence the calendar, and relating to others on a bigger-picture scale of connectedness, hence zodiac, which is a universal large space that sits above us.”

The calendar, which was shot by photographer Driely Carter, features models wearing Linder’s new underwear collection appearing as if they were wounded soldiers. Millar said he was influenced by a Walt Whitman documentary and the writer said he hoped American people would refrain from war by understanding the sanctity of the body.

Millar said going forward he hopes to continue to utilize print platforms to complement the collections.

“I think we definitely have ambition to work more in this area as it allows for specific expression that at times is more easily communicated through image or words, but the clothing is a huge focus and passion, so that’s definitely not going anywhere,” said Millar. “I think with a collection this personal it only seemed right to try to flesh it out in multiple mediums.”

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