Dorian Stefano Tarantini

Dorian Stefano Tarantini is making some changes.

The Malibu 1922 designer will unveil a rejiggered fall men’s and women’s collection with a dual-gender runway show at Pitti Uomo on Jan. 11 at the Dogana venue in Florence. And the collection is now being called M1992.

“Malibu 1922 was born three years ago as a video art project and then evolved into a fashion company,” Tarantini explained. “I think the name Malibu was too restrictive because it immediately connected to the Nineties Californian lifestyle. Since the brand is maturing I think we needed a more neutral name and I think this is the right moment to make this move.”

According to the designer, the fall collection will now celebrate the Italian ready-to-wear boom at the end of the Eighties. “That was a great period for Milan with brands such as Erreuno, Genny, Luciano Soprani, Gai Mattiolo…,” Tarantini said, pointing out that the suit will play a key role in the show. “This was definitely the most iconic garment of that period and I think it is also so contemporary.”

The overall fit will reflect the constructed silhouettes of that era with strong shoulders and elongated jackets. “However, everything will be infused with a contemporary, young appeal,” said Tarantini, who also developed a range of prints featuring Eighties technology such as the fax machine and the first mobile phones.

For the collection, M1992 teamed up with a range of labels that were successful in the late Eighties and early Nineties. They include Meltin’Pot, which manufactured denim pieces with a couture-like appeal; El Charro, which created studded belts, and loafer producer College.

“We also collaborated with Swarovski to decorate several garments with crystals, including hoodies and eagle-shaped brooches,” said Tarantini.

Available in 15 high-end stores worldwide, M1992 collections retail from 150 euros for T-shirts to 4,000 euros for the most upscale dresses. Starting from this season, the brand will be distributed by international showroom Tomorrow.