Levi's Ovadia and Sons

Ovadia & Sons has teamed with Levi’s to create an assortment of Sherpa-lined trucker jackets, which will retail for $595.

Customers got a glimpse of the project when Jay-Z wore a custom piece from the collection during a stop on his 4:44 tour, but on Jan. 25th, the line, which includes three styles, will be available to shop at Levi’s store in SoHo, on Ovadia & Sons’ e-commerce site, and Fred Segal in California.

“Growing up in Brooklyn in the Eighties, Levi’s was the most popular denim brand,” said Shimon Ovadia. “Around the time that Levi’s launched the ‘Button Your Fly’ campaign, we had 501s in every color, even purple and gold. The collaboration signifies that special time in our lives and it’s an honor to be able to work on this project.”

Ariel and Shimon Ovadia selected this particular trucker style from a group of 50,000 vintage Levi’s pieces. The line includes a denim-on-denim patchwork jacket, denim with red and black plaid patchwork, and denim with white and black patchwork. They were made from one-of-a-kind, unsalvageable vintage Levi’s jeans.

“These Truckers are from our Collectors-Grade vintage stash,” said Jonathan Cheung, head of design at Levi’s. “The ones we picked out for the Ovadia brothers to customize are pretty rare and really nice. You feel a little tug on the heartstrings when you let things you love go out into the wild, so our criteria was to look after them, be creative and make something special.”

The collection sits under Levi’s new Authorized Vintage assortment, a program that launched last November. A former vintage store owner, Jeff Fuller, had collected more than 50,000 pairs of Levi’s jeans that were made in the U.S. Levi’s acquired the collection and used it to launch this product line.