PARIS — Seasonal collections are so last season.

Convinced that the traditional spring and fall production model is out of step with changing climates and the globe-trotting tendencies of today’s well-heeled consumers, London men’s wear brand Ada + Nik is to go “trans-seasonal” starting with its next sales campaign during Paris Fashion Week later this month.

“On our Web site, we noticed people were buying puffer jackets in the middle of summer and tank tops in the middle of winter,” said Nik Thakkar, a creative consultant and brand strategist who designs the line with couturier Ada Zanditon. “Seasons just don’t work any more and we experienced that first hand.”

Launched in 2013, the minimalist luxury brand will continue to present two collections a year — each spanning fabrics from wool to mesh, and styles from parkas to T-shirts — in accordance with the existing wholesale model.

Yet Thakkar is convinced that retail stores are moving toward the trans-seasonal approach more common among fashion brands that were born online. He pointed to renovations under way at several London department stores meant to echo digital stores and adapt to new shopping patterns amid “unstable weather.”

Thakkar, who ships his collection to about a dozen retailers including Harrods, said buyers who have previewed the concept seem receptive “as long as the offer is wide enough.”

The duo is to unveil the trans-seasonal collection, dubbed “Hybrid,” during a presentation on Jan. 20.

Last season the brand presented its collection during New York Fashion Week as one of three winners of a prize from Gen Art, an organization known for launching new talent in film, fashion and art.

Thakkar also disclosed that he and Zanditon are in preliminary talks with potential investors to speed development and ramp up the scalability of their concept.

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