Steve Aoki in the Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01 jeans

Longtime friends DJ Steve Aoki and Candiani Mill owner Alberto Candiani are teaming up.

On Friday, the two will launch their first denim collaboration, Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01. The limited-edition, five-pocket jeans are crafted from recycled cotton and fibers including Candiani’s ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award-winning indigo selvage fabric ReGEN Denim created for the 80th anniversary of the Candiani Mill and featuring Refibra technology by Lenzing.

Aoki and Candiani first met through a mutual friend and have remained close over the years, even performing at the Sunrise Festival in 2013 among others. The music executive took to Candiani’s recycling process and waste processing, which is evident in the collaboration.

“When I visited the Candiani Mill in Italy,” Aoki said. “Alberto showed me how they were able to reuse waste in making new, even better jeans. I was inspired by their conscientiousness toward the earth and wanted to bring that mindset into Dim Mak with our first collaboration.”

The Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01 jeans

The Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01 jeans.  Courtesy Photo

Though the jeans look distressed, the denim actually underwent very little washing. Instead, the distressing and vintage effects were created by a laser technology that gently burned the denim’s surface. The laser was also used for the jeans’ artwork, all of which was enhanced by yarn that was dyed using Candiani’s Indigo Juice and Kitotex technology.

Finally, Aoki and Dim Mak’s artists hand-painted the illustration on the denim, the Yokai, the Japanese demons Rokurokubi, Karakasa kozo, and Gashadokuro.

“Steve and I did this collaboration to have fun, and we did,” Candiani said. “We leveraged each other’s expertise and style to create a one-of-a-kind jean that is a true reflection of our friendship. This project was incredibly fun for both of us, made better by playing with the right ingredients.

The Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01 jeans retail for $150 and will launch at 8 a.m. on the Dim Mak web site and app.

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