The Weeknd H&M

The Weeknd, whose birth name is Abel Tesfaye, is continuing his partnership with H&M.

For his first collection, which was released in March, Tesfaye selected items from H&M’s men’s collection. But for the new line he’s worked with the design team to create new pieces.

“Once again I’ve selected my favorite pieces from H&M’s collection, and because we’re moving into fall I’ve put the focus on sweats and hoodies. I was so happy with the first collection that I wanted to put my stamp on the pieces even more,” said Tesfaye. “We’ve been much more playful with the logos and graphics on many of the pieces, and I love the sense of identity that runs through the collection.”

The 18-piece line includes sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, bomber jackets, varsity jackets and parkas covered in graphics, logos and messaging that’s related to the artist. The line is available now online and within stores.

“We worked very closely with him and one of his art directors who gave us a few ideas on prints and graphics,” said Andreas Lowenstam, head of men’s wear design at H&M. “But we wanted to separate this from his tour merchandise.”

Tesfaye has a line of merchandise he releases while he’s on tour, but his pieces for H&M are more refined. According to Lowenstam, the partnership has resonated with the market, hence the decision to do a second collaboration. Before working with Tesfaye, H&M tapped David Beckham to help push its men’s wear collection.

“It was a bit tricky because it’s hard to nail someone who is as famous or as relevant as David Beckham,” said Lowenstam. “It was a risk, but I felt strongly about how connected music and fashion are right now.”

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