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Justin Bieber: D
Hair: Strangely, his hair is the same color as the jacket, which is too close for comfort. He still has a very feminine face and using this much hairspray with rounded fashion sunglasses doesn’t help his latest attempt at being beefcake.
Jacket: For some occasions, you need to let the ladies lead and the Met Gala is one of them. The Kardashians are the ones who belong to the Balmain Army; is he trying to join? A more-subdued take on China would be a better choice.
Cummerbund: Although the embroidered cummerbund is more Japanese than Chinese, by itself it would have been enough to make the outfit stand out. But together with everything else, it’s too much. We get it already.

Ansel Elgort: A-
Hair and face: He has perfected the right combination of natural hair and hair product. It makes him look put together but not uptight. But in future outings, stay away from the lip gloss.
Jacket: One thing Tom Ford knows how to do is dress a leading man. This jacquard grosgrain peak lapel tuxedo with skinny pants is fit for a movie star.
Pocket square: Excellence in men’s wear is all about the details. He’s obviously well-schooled with the pocket square peeking out properly as well as the mother of pearl buttons and the inch of shirt cuff showing.
Shoes: The black patent leather evening slippers are a bit too precious. He’s too young. A patterned leather lace-up would have been better.

Adrian Brody: D-
Hair: One of his trademarks is bed hair, but when it comes to the Met, keep it under control.
Jacket: The jacket looks like a Christmas ornament. The bedazzled embroidery is too much on the blazer, it would have worked best if it was just on the vest. But if he’s totally committed to the jacket, he needs to lose the vest.
Pants: The pants and shoes are great, but they can’t save this fashion disaster.

James Marsden: B-
Face: The hair and makeup team should be fired. A man should never dye his hair at home; let a professional do it. The bronzer is too heavy and the blush on his cheek bones is too apparent. He’s a handsome man, a natural look would work best for him.
Jacket: We never care about the fashion rule of no white before Memorial Day, and the white shawl-lapel dinner jacket fits him like a glove. The combination of the different whites between the shirt and jacket elevates the look and differentiates him from a European waiter.
Pants: The cropped silhouette of the pants adds a touch of youthfulness that helps balance the face situation.

Jay Z: C
Face: The smile lines are becoming too deep. A bit of filler would do wonders. Maybe he can reach out to his wife’s dermatologist.
Jacket: The double-breasted peak-lapel blazer is an elegant choice, however, he seems to have gained some weight — it’s pulling in all the wrong places. And the carnation should have been red to tie in with the China theme. It’s not the prom and he’s not the best man at a wedding.
Pants: The pants are way too long. He should either use suspenders to hold them in place or visit his tailor. With those beautiful shoes, it’s all the more reason for a sharper break of the pants.

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