WWD Media Summit
December 4, 2008
Pierre Hotel

The Summit will address the turbulence of today’s media marketplace as brand-generated content, social marketing, mobile media and personalized experiences redefine the rules of information distribution and consumption.  Brand and media executives face greater, more perplexing choices than ever before in formulating strategies, let alone in measuring their effectiveness. They also face new business realities with the fragmentation of consumer markets, explosion of cultural influences, and globalization of demand.  To help them understand these new dynamics and make informed media decisions, we will bring together the top talent in the business.

Topics will include:

    -Who’s setting the style – editorial versus consumer-generated content – and does it matter?
    -Media as driver of global fashion trends
    -Media’s role in creating, building and managing brand consistency globally
    -Consumers’ quest for fame –  the impact on media and fashion
    -Staying competitive in the digital age – measuring ROI
    -How digital media has affected the notion of celebrity, style and entertainment
    -Consumer demographics – the impact on media distribution and consumption
    -Think global/act local – innovative media strategies from around the world
    -Marketing the social web – how digital customer communities can build a fashion business
    -Creating meaningful content in an age of two-way digital dialog
    -The magic mix –  how to formulate an effective strategy and measure results
    -Lessons from the future – cutting-edge media
    -Ethics and privacy

    Attendee information: Jennifer Macaluso (212.630.4947)
    Editorial information:  Mary Ann Bacher (212.630.3692)
    Sponsorship opportunities: Joy Murphy (212.630.4655)

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