Offset the migos alpha industries heroes

Alpha Industries has a new marketing plan.

The heritage military brand used to focus on product in its campaigns, but in an attempt to broaden its appeal as a lifestyle brand, Alpha Industries enlisted a group of heroes that work in entertainment, fashion, sports and the military for its Heroes series.

“In the past we were very focused on marketing initiatives that highlighted product,” said Alpha Industries chief executive officer Mike Cirker, whose grandfather Samuel Gelber founded the business as a military outfitter in 1959. “But I think now we are more focused on who our customer is. And who is Alpha and what do we stand for. When we think in those terms it allows us to expand the underlying tenets of the brand and we thought that heroism was a great thing to highlight.”

The campaign, which was released as a video series, features Kiari Kendrell Cephus, also known as Offset of Migos, Public School’s Dao Yi Chow, writer Minya Oh, also known as Miss Info, and Rodolfo Franklin who goes by DJ Clark Kent.

The campaign debuted with a video of Offset, who was filmed with his daughter, detailing the heroes in his life including his grandmother, who died of cancer. That lead to hm working with the American Cancer Society and raising $500,000 to help people who can’t afford treatment.

“I started researching him and listening to his music, and the thing that stuck out to me was that he dedicated his philanthropy,” Cirker said. “My father and predecessor passed from cancer as well so there was a personal connection I had.”

The brand doesn’t have any collaborations with Offset in the works, but Cirker said they provide Migos with product and have customized jackets for them to wear while on tour with Drake. Cirker said they didn’t look at this campaign as an endorsement deal.

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