Mason and Miles Plumlee

Brothers Mason and Miles Plumlee have a lot in common. They are both centers in the NBA. Miles is with the Milwaukee Bucks and Mason plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. They both hover around seven feet. Both attended Duke University. Their names (as well as those of their other siblings) begin with the letter “M.” And both are participating in the Movember Foundation’s movement to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues this month.

The Movember movement encourages men to pledge to spend the month of November not shaving (growing a mustache to show support and raise funds for the cause), exercise for 30 minutes each day or support someone who is doing both.

But what they don’t have in common, however, is an equal ability to actually grow full-fledged facial hair.

As they wind down Movember, WWD checked in with them to see how laying off the razor worked out. As it turns out, this is one area where Miles definitely has the jump on Mason.

What motivated you each to participate in Movember this November?
I’ve always been a fan of the cause, and I feel it’s something we can bring attention to and support. I also enjoy seeing people take a chance at a mustache when they know good and well it’s not befitting to them.
Miles: It’s a fun way to bring attention to the cause and push important issues out to the public.

Since you are siblings, is there a friendly spirit of beard-growing competition?
Mason: There’s no competition. Miles and Marshall have much stronger facial hair game than I do. I know my role, and it’s to perform 30 minutes of exercise each day for the month.
Miles: There’s no competition there. I just demolished him.

What’s the best part of not shaving?
Mason: Not cutting yourself.
Miles: One less thing to worry about every morning and I hate razor burns! I feel a lot better being all natural.

Any advice for guys who may be facial-hair-challenged?
Mason: I’m more so looking for the advice.
Miles: You either got it or you don’t. Sorry, Mason…

Tell us about your grooming routine.
Mason: I’m a minimalist for sure. I keep myself clean but don’t like to spend long periods of time in the mirror.
Miles: I like to make sure everything looks right in the morning. It’s like pillow-head but the opposite, so I got to pat it out. I put conditioner and oil on it so it’s not frizzy.

You travel so much during the season. What are the key things in your dopp kit?
Mason: Aside from the basics. I carry ZzzQuil, ear plugs for the plane, and a very high-end pair of fingernail clippers.
Miles: Hair product, toiletries, beard oil, beard bush…the essentials.

Who really has the best facial hair in the NBA?
Mason: Chris Kaman has the best/most versatile facial hair game in the league.
Miles: No one’s beard is messing with [James] Harden!

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