M Collections: How did you react when you found out that you had walked the most shows this season?
GRYPHON O’SHEA: I was pretty surprised, to be honest. There are a lot of great guys that work a ton and I’m always stoked to see my friends do well, so it was an honor to be right up there with a lot of them at all, and pretty shocking to see that I ended up number one.

MC: Do you have any fun memories from the shows?
G.O.: I just dance around and get silly with my friends at shows, ha, ha. We have our fun after the shows usually…Jeremy Scott’s party was a lot of fun this year since so many friends were there and we just got completely stupid on the dance floor all night.
MC: Which was your favorite show to walk?
G.O.: Dior without a doubt. Walking in the energy of that orchestra was unreal. Music is the most beautiful thing in life to me, and sharing the runway with the presence of such an incredible group of musicians was a huge honor.

MC: What advice would you give someone starting out as a model and walking during fashion weeks?
G.O.: Don’t get too lost in it. Fashion week can be really tough and it’s too easy to take it personally. I’ve had good seasons and bad seasons, so I know how hard it can be and how much it can get inside your head and under your skin, but you need to have some grounding and something important to you besides modeling. And don’t forget to change your underwear, every single day!

MC: How were you discovered?
G.O.: In the queue to buy my brother a ticket to Coachella.

MC: What is your favorite piece of clothing?
G.O.: My monster fur Burning Man coat.
MC: What place would you love to visit?
G.O.: Tokyo—but I’m there now and never leaving. You can’t make me!

MC: What are you currently obsessed with?
G.O.: Modular synthesizers and turning dreams into music.

Name: Gryphon O’Shea
Agency: New York Models
Age: 22
Nationality: U.S.
Instagram: @gryphonoshea: 10,700 followers
Shows walked: 37

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