Tom Brady in Ugg's "Do Nothing" campaign.

How does Tom Brady relax?

“I usually go to a secluded place with my family somewhere outside of Boston because Boston is always busy for me,” said the New England Patriots quarterback, whose team plays right outside the city. “So we spend a lot of time in Costa Rica with my kids. We do a little surfing, because no one can get you out there on the surf board.”

Leisure is the primary theme in Ugg for men’s “Do Nothing” fall campaign featuring Brady, who has been an ambassador for the brand since 2011. And although he refused to discuss the four-game suspension he received following the deflate-gate scandal that has him sitting on the bench until next month, he did say it’s generally not easy for him to relax.

“It’s something I’ve had to work at over the years because as you get older you have more responsibilities and I’ve had to work hard at finding the right balance,” Brady said. “But when you put a lot of time and energy into your sport you have to make sure you find time to recover. This whole campaign is about doing nothing and that’s important for everyone.”

In the first video for the campaign, which is titled “Song,” Brady attempts to nap but is interrupted by a guitar-playing Jeff Bridges. Additional campaign videos, which will also feature his teammate Julian Edelman, will be released through November.

“I’ve always been a fan of his,” Brady said of Bridges. “I learned a lot from him on set. He knew where every camera was looking and what it was looking for. I think he was just really focused on what he needed to do to achieve a shot and it was cool to see.”

Brady, 39, said he has no plans on leaving football for acting any time soon.

“I think I enjoy acting the few times a year that I do it, but I like what I do. I’m going to stick to it.”

See the first video from the campaign below: