Andy Mantis steers NPD Group’s “checkout tracking” service that aims to answer a seemingly simple question: What exactly is in the shopping cart of a typical Millennial male?

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To gain that perspective, Mantis, who is executive vice president of the service, which keys into consumer buying behavior on a “market-basket level,” offered a detailed analysis of “Joe,” a 28-year-old male and a parent. “To know Joe you have to see how he spends his money, what he buys, where he shops and the brands he buys,” Mantis said.

“Joe, who is from Sioux City, Iowa, visited 67 retailers over a six-month period, and spent 17 percent of his money online,” Mantis said, noting that his retail preferences ranged from Wal-Mart and Aéropostale to Best Buy and Hollister.

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“What’s interesting is the diversity of his spending,” Mantis said, adding that in the six-month period, Joe “bought multiple apparel items” that included logo graphic sweatpants from Hollister, skinny jeans from Zumiez, a graphic T-shirt from Express and cargo shorts from Wal-Mart.

NPD’s tracking data also revealed that in a single day Joe spent $77.97 at Zumiez, $32.08 at Payless Shoe Source and $44.78 at Target, where he also picked up items for his children.

“This compares to other generations who tend to lean toward one-stop shopping,” Mantis said.

“Millennial men seek quality and value and will shop, for example, at Nordstrom as well as Nordstrom Rack,” he said.

Millennial males are also early adopters of technology and “overindex on games, apparel, footwear and technology [as compared to other generations],” Mantis said.

He said the population group spent “more on outerwear than other” demographics, and favors activewear, too. They gravitate toward e-commerce and specialty stores, Mantis noted, “and as a result tend to underindex at the national chain stores.”

“Millennials spend on events and experiences,” Mantis said. “But they also value fashion and wardrobe variety.”