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Billy Reid will plant a flag — albeit temporary — on the West Coast today. The Alabama designer is set to kick off his monthlong pop-up shop at friend Josh Peskowitz’s Magasin concept shop in Culver City, Calif., with a made-to-measure event running through the weekend.

“We think it’s a good opportunity for them to showcase more of who they are in Los Angeles,” Peskowitz said. “It’s a nice, organic partnership certainly and I have an enormous amount of respect for him.”

The temporary installment will carry exclusives including hand-painted graphic shirts and an assortment of tailored pieces, such as shorts made from selvage chambray. This weekend, clients of the brand can come into the store for custom orders, which have about a four- to six-week turnaround.

The designer, while having done trunk shows and special installations within his own stores, has never offered the made-to-measure experience outside of those and Reid said the success of what happens at Magasin will no doubt be weighed for the possibility of doing similar events going forward.

“We do not have a shop out here on the West Coast, but we have several customers out here,” Reid said. “I think once we go through it and figure out how well it worked and all the things we did right, I could see it being something we try in other spots.”

The designer is also measured in how he’s thinking about future store growth.

“We have certainly considered doing something more permanent on the West Coast,” Reid said. “Slow and steady is the way we’ve approached opening stores. We’ve seen where the successes are when we are patient about locations and we’ve looked out here on the West Coast. You just want to make sure you’re making the right decisions on location and timing. There’s a lot of shakeup right now in retail in general. So, for us, it’s great having partners like Josh [Peskowitz] to sort of test the waters. There are things we’re doing for this event that are really specific for him.”

For Magasin, the installation continues its bid to create an environment that is ever-changing through links with similarly minded brands. It’s a focus — along with a nearing launch into e-commerce — that Peskowitz and the rest of his partners remain fixed upon.

“There’s plenty of people who sell Billy Reid here, but it’s about the idea of being able to put some of his more special product, stuff that really only resides in his own stores,” Peskowitz said. “[Billy Reid] share a lot of commonalities in the ideas of quality and craft and interesting details, all those things that we really get behind when it comes to the designers at the store that we work with.”

Magasin, which has been open for a little over a year at the Culver City Platform project, has allocated about 300 square feet to Reid for the temporary shop. The area of the store has served as a dynamic space for rotating installations and other events, something Peskowitz said he’d always imagined for the store from the onset. That’s why everything in the store, with the exception of the fitting rooms and cash wrap, is on wheels.

“There’s something special about hosting somebody in the space — somebody who we have respect for and just to be able to offer something different to our clients and have a reason for them to come visit. We’re really trying to build that kind of environment here.”

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