Stadium Goods SoHo

Stadium Goods is infiltrating another space not typically known for sneaker reselling.

Shortly after revealing that it would have a concept space within Nordstrom’s men’s store in New York — it’s still to be determined when that will be up and running — the sneaker retailer has teamed with marketplace Farfetch to sell a curated selection of its inventory on Farfetch’s new sneaker hub, which launches today, and will feature shoes from a variety of international retailers. John McPheters, cofounder and chief executive officer of Stadium Goods, which received backing from LVMH Luxury Ventures in February, said the company will select a specific collection that targets Farfetch’s luxury consumer base to be sold through its site.

“Farfetch is the leading global technology platform for the luxury fashion industry. With their expansive global reach, this partnership gives Stadium Goods the opportunity to tap into a sophisticated customer base that appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of the products we sell,” McPheters said. “In addition, the partnership allows us to continue bolstering our presence in the international luxury market and gives Farfetch the chance to offer authentic and sought-after sneakers and streetwear to its growing customer base.”

Farfetch has always sold sneakers, but José Neves, founder and ceo, thought there needed to be a one-stop-shop for its consumers.

“Sneakers have grown in popularity over the past few years and they have become one of the best-selling categories for men on Farfetch,” Neves said. “They have become a staple of nearly every fashion consumer’s closet as they can be paired with almost any look. The endless variety of sneakers fits seamlessly into the Farfetch marketplace model, which is renowned for having an unrivaled range of products for all types of fashion consumers.”

Neves said the hub is selling styles from Prada, Common Projects, Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela as well as the latest in-demand “It” sneakers such as the Gucci “Rhyton” and the Balenciaga Triple “S.”