Liberty Fairs is partnering with buzzy Japanese brand United Arrows & Sons and its director Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi to curate a new section at its trade show in Las Vegas in August.

The section, called Poggy’s World, will feature seven brands selected by Kogi including United Arrows, Adidas Standard 19 by United Arrows,  Readymade, Parabellum, DRx Romanelli, Kijima Takayuki for United Arrows and Filling Pieces for United Arrows. The area will feature wholesale offerings from each designer in a Japanese-inspired installation. It will also include a limited-edition collaboration from Readymade, DRx and ALM featuring Felix the Cat where vintage military tents will be deconstructed to create a small selection of apparel and accessories showcasing the character’s use within the armed forces.

On the opening day of the fair, which is slated to run Aug. 17 to 19 at the Sands Convention Center, the staff of Liberty Fairs will wear a uniform designed by Poggy and United Arrows featuring artwork by Japanese street artist SKATETHING, best known for his work with A Bathing Ape.

“When a friend of mine, Ouigi of The Brooklyn Circus, told me he was helping with a new trade show, Liberty Fairs, to curate brands, I was curious and helped him to introduce some Japanese brands,” said Kogi. “Since then, I have been attending Liberty Fairs in Las Vegas and found that Liberty is for not only discovering brands but also important for networking and seeing trends develop over the course of the show. When Liberty approached United Arrows & Sons about ‘Poggy’s World,’ we were excited to hear their ideas because of their international influence, professionalism and warm working environment. This is the first time United Arrows & Sons will participate in this kind of large trade show, so we hope many come to see and experience what United Arrows & Sons has to offer.”

Sam Ben-Avraham, Liberty’s founder, said, “Part of the Liberty DNA is thinking outside of the box and always looking to partner with industry leaders in different areas, categories and geographic zones to bring a fresh point of view to the show floor and help inspire buyers and brands. We recognize that Poggy is the one driving the high-end fashion mixed with streetwear movement and has a distinguished point of view, which is a story that should be told.”