STARRED MEN: celebrated men’s wear with an intimate dinner at Berlin’s Michelin-starred Pauly Saal.

“There’s been a real flip in the psyche of men; the idea that you couldn’t be interested in fashion is gone because it’s all around us now, in social media and in the streets. It has become another thing men want to be good at and knowledgeable about,” said’s style director Simon Chilvers.

“There’s a general relaxation going on in men’s wear, the styles have become looser and more undone,” said Damian Paul, head men’s buyer at Matchesfashion. “Coming in next season, there will be a big nineties revival, a grungy thing with Damir Doma as one of our newest additions.”

“Today, 80 percent is women’s wear, but men’s wear is the fastest growing part of our business. We have a specific angle on it and continue to grow,” noted Ulric Jerome, who replaced Ruth and Tom Chapman as the company’s chief executive officer in July. “We structure and manage the company in a way that is rigorous on both the business and the financial side. Along with France and the U.K., Germany is one of the top luxury markets in the world where we have achieved exceptional growth. We will further increase communications and organize more events here.”

As for a possible IPO, Jerome told WWD: “We are ready for any options that come up. But, we have our own journey. At the moment, we grow at a pace where the money generated auto-finances the business, so we’re completely independent. For now, it’s not necessary to go public.”