Erik Ulin

Don’t look for the MRket show in Las Vegas next month. It’s being merged into Project.

UBM PLC, parent company of Project, acquired Business Journals Inc., MRket’s former parent company, last April and has been working to combine the shows. Last August, MRket left its longtime home at the Sands Convention Center to join Project at Mandalay Bay.

In New York this week, MRket and Project showed under one roof at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. There were signs hanging from the ceiling designating which rows were MRket and which were Project, but it was not obvious where one show began and the other ended.

“We found there is a lot of duplication of product categories at the August shows,” said Lizette Chin, vice president of men’s wear for MRket. “So we’re foregoing MRket and rolling it into Project.”

She said the brands will instead be showcased in areas separated by category, such as tailored clothing, sportswear, Vanguards Gallery (for new and emerging brands), outerwear, California lifestyle and Move (for activewear labels). The Tents at Project, which house designer brands, will be a separate section as well.

“The whole point of our merger was to unify,” Chin said. But she said the MRket banner will continue to be used in New York. “MRket skews classic so there’s a place for it to exist side by side to Project in New York and promoted as a separate entity.”

Erik Ulin, president of men’s for UBM, added: “MRket is an institution in New York for the men’s specialty stores and the tailored guys, but Vegas is a different animal.”

London-based UBM PLC is the largest trade show organizer in the world. It purchased BJI for $69 million in cash. The deal included AccessoriesTheShow, EDIT, Fame, Moda and Stitch in addition to MRket.