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Jordan Roschwalb’s enthusiasm for pins is infectious.

“I wanted to be able to give pin collectors a space to congregate just like sneaker collectors go to Stadium Goods,” said Roschwalb when asked about Pintrill’s first brick-and-mortar store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “This will be a flagship where people from all over can come and experience this.”

Roschwalb cofounded Pintrill in 2014 along with Doni Gitlin and Andrew Yung. Over the past two years the brand has grown rapidly with its clever, of-the-moment pins, which retail from $12 to $20 and are released on a weekly basis.

The Pintrill flagship, which opens this Saturday at 231 Grand Street, sells Pintrill’s vast collection of pins. They are displayed on clear pegs to give the appearance that they are floating. The 625-square-foot space, which will also serve as Pintrill’s headquarters, is stocked with vintage pins Roschwalb sources from all over the word — they are featured on rotating trays in a glass box — and supplementary items to display pins such as vintage corkboards, trays and Pintrill’s line of hats.

Different displays in the shop, which is sprinkled with vintage toy viewfinders, will be dedicated to new weekly releases, in-store exclusives and a board behind the cash register that highlights pins customers can trade for.

“Essentially every Monday we are going to post pins to Instagram that are available,” said Roschwalb, who commissioned Baron Von Fancy to paint a Buy, Sell, Trade graphic at the entrance of the store.

The store also includes a custom pin bar where shoppers can select from small containers of pins and buy them in packages that retail from $49 to $199. Roschwalb is hoping this service will make it easier and more affordable for shoppers to customize their own pieces.

Pintrill has also partnered with Levi’s — the company created pins for the brand — on a denim jacket customization service. The store will carry vintage and new Levi’s jackets covered in themed pins and patches ranging from “Star Wars” to NASA. These jackets will retail from $1,500 to $2,000.

“The service is in development, but I envision that you can buy a jacket from Levi’s down the street and bring it here and let us know what theme you want. We can then source the pins and customize it,” Roschwalb told WWD.

According to Roschwalb, Pintrill is profitable and last holiday season the business doubled its sales over the previous year. In addition to its e-commerce site, the brand is sold in stores including Urban Outfitters, Collette, United Arrows and Nordstrom. Pintrill also produces private label pins for brands such as NBC, Perry Ellis and Adidas. While Roschwalb has noticed more competition in the pin industry since launching, he welcomes it and has advice for bigger brands getting into the field.

“The biggest thing that brands get wrong, unless you are Nike or Adidas, is putting your logo on a pin,” said Roschwalb. “If you are looking at the younger generation, they don’t want to wear logos. The days of wearing Gap hoodies or going into Abercrombie & Fitch and buying a logo T-shirt are over, and just because a pin is a different product doesn’t mean it’s going to work.”

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