A rendering of the Psycho Bunny store in Miami.

Psycho Bunny is jumping into the retail fray in Miami.

The New York-based men’s brand with the slightly maniacal rabbit logo with its teeth hanging over a skull and crossbones, is opening its first store in the Aventura Mall this fall.

The brand operates two stores in Panama, two in Mexico and will open one in Bogotá, Colombia, by the end of the year. There are also 17 retail locations in Japan, including a flagship in Shibuya.

The concept is a bit unorthodox since the store will have two iterations: a 1,400-square-foot space will open as a pop-up at the beginning of November and stay in operation through the middle of January. At that point, it will be closed until the middle of March when it will reopen permanently as a 1,600-square-foot flagship.

“Because of the timing of when we signed the lease, we needed more time to [create a flagship],” said Robert Goldman, who operates the brand with Robert Godley. So to capitalize on the holiday traffic, a pop-up was created that will replicate a working artist’s studio. It is being designed by the Montreal-based architectural firm, Aedifica, which has worked with Adidas, Aldo and others.

Each side of the Psycho Bunny store will feature a different Pop Art display and will include a mood board wall on one side that speaks to Psycho Bunny’s irreverent spirit and a colored light installation on the other.

The back wall will feature a custom art installation by local Miami native, Alex Yanes, who specializes in vibrant, 3-D art pieces. Throughout the store, colored acrylic crates and cubes will serve as storage areas for merchandise. Yanes also collaborated with the brand on some Miami-themed T-shirts that will be sold at the space.

An Alex Yanes-designed T-shirt will be exclusive to Psycho Bunny's Miami store.

An Alex Yanes-designed T-shirt will be exclusive to Psycho Bunny’s Miami store. 

“We picked Miami because of the strength of the brand in the Florida market,” Goldman said. “Based on our web traffic, we know there is demand.”

Godley, Psycho Bunny’s founder, added, “We’ve always had a strong presence in the Floridian market; Miami being the epicenter of culture, art and color, directly correlates with the artistic direction the brand. Aventura, for us, was a perfect choice, as it serves not only the local community but also international markets. We’re confident this will aid in growing the brand on a global scale.”

Since its founding in 2005, Psycho Bunny has gained a foothold in the men’s market with its hand-finished polo shirts that are manufactured in Peru from pima cotton. The brand has volume of more than $20 million and a license with Itochu in Japan adds another $25 million in revenue to the balance sheet.

Around 65 percent of the assortment is still polo shirts and T-shirts, but the brand has expanded into bottoms, scarves, socks, outerwear and a golf collection.

Despite its growth, Goldman said there are no plans to add further stores in the U.S. at this time, although New York could be an option down the road.

“We are new to retail,” Godley admitted, “and so we respect our boundaries.”

But if the Miami store is successful, it will “give us the confidence” to further explore this avenue of growth, he said.

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