Y,IWO's Gym Bums of California T-shirt.

Y,IWO — also known as Yeah, I Work Out — takes one back to a time when workouts were serious, results were legendary, and living was easy.

The brand is inspired by the golden age of bodybuilding (the Seventies through the early Nineties), paying homage to the the classic American gym style and iconography of Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach while producing high-quality, non-technical gym clothing inspired by legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret, and Franco Columbu.

For their second effort, which is available now at the brand’s e-shop (Yeahiworkout.com) and with a global presence at all Dover Street market stores, as well as Mr Porter, Y,IWO founder Jason Thome has collaborated with Ric Drasin, legendary artist, bodybuilder and creator of the iconic Gold’s Gym logo — not to mention one of Arnold’s former workout buddies — to create an assortment of boxy cropped Ts in heavyweight cotton, stringer tanks and shorts.

Thome’s resurrection of Drasin’s illustrations include a gym bro lounging on a beach chair under the words ​”Lifestyles of the Ripped and Aimless,” and a buff guy leaning against a palm tree on top of the phrase ​”Gym Bums of California,” plus the introduction of the original “Big Boy” logo from Drasin’s own clothing label from the Eighties, injecting a youthful dose while staying true to a simple workout aesthetic.

Y,IWO’s Gym Bums of California T-shirt. 

Y,IWO’s Gym Bums of California tank top. 

Y,IWO’s Lifestyles of the Ripped and Aimless T-shirt. 

Y,IWO’s Club Sweat tank top. 


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