Hawke & Co. is doing its part to save the environment.

The New York-based outerwear company is introducing HawkECO, a new line of sustainable jackets for men and women for fall.

Michael Rosenberg, chief executive officer of Hawke & Co., said the jackets are made out of fabrics created by recycled plastic bottles. The fabrics are a blend of the company’s own proprietary Eco Cycle, which uses 30 percent recycled materials, and Repreve, which is 100 percent recycled product.

The production of the jackets requires less consumption of natural resources and less greenhouse gas emissions, the company said.

“By developing products that are responsible, sustainable and still maintain Hawke & Co.’s high quality standard, we aim to deliver outerwear that will leave as little of an impact on the environment for today’s and tomorrow’s modern explorers,” the company said.

Rosenberg said he hopes to eventually use these fabrics for all of the company’s products, but the look and feel of the garment must be as good or better than the other products in the line. “You shouldn’t be able to touch the difference,” he said.

He said Hawke & Co. offered recycled T-shirts and fleece a couple of years ago and felt the social responsibility to expand the concept to its core line.

There will be around seven to eight models for both men and women and will include a snorkel, a puffer, a three-in-one systems jacket, a vest and even a packable puffer.

“The product had to stand for itself, way before the fabric,” Rosenberg said.

The jackets will retail for around $250, about five to 10 percent more than the models using non-recycled fabrics. Its sustainable properties will be details on hang tags at point of sale.