Looks from the "R" Collection by Robert Graham

Robert Stock is going on tour.

The founder and designer of Robert Graham will make appearances at stores in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Texas and California to introduce his new high-end “R” Collection. The line offers a full assortment of sport shirts, knitwear, pants, sport coats, outerwear and accessories in less-embellished options — and a higher price point — than the Robert Graham assortment and is manufactured in Italy.

“We had a pre-launch last week at the Quail event in Carmel,” he said of the motor sports gathering in California, “and at The Club. We sold quite a bit.”

The Club, a men’s and women’s store in Carmel, touts on its web site that it features the largest selection of Robert Graham merchandise in the world. “They’re probably our single-biggest specialty store account,” Stock said. “I always go out there to celebrate my birthday on Aug. 16 and all the car shows.”

Customers responded best to the shirts, which retail for $400 and up, as well as the jackets and cashmere sweaters, both of which sell for over $2,000, he said. The collection is very limited in quantity with only around 200 shirts made and only around 100 of the other pieces.

The “R” Collection is carried in Robert Graham’s freestanding stores in New York and Venice Beach, Calif., and was picked up by Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal and around 30 specialty stores for the first season.

Stock will kick off the tour in New York during fashion week with an event at the company’s Columbus Circle store on Thursday. He will then visit Blaine’s in Cincinnati, the Robert Graham store in Venice Beach, A.K. Rikks in Grand Rapids, Mich., Neiman Marcus in Plano, Texas, and Fred Segal in L.A. between mid-September and early November. Stock said most of the stores also carry the regular Robert Graham collection.

“We know the Robert Graham gentleman has the appetite for these tailored and limited set of pieces,” said Michael Buckley, chief executive officer of Differential Brands Group, which owns the majority stake in Robert Graham. “The unique offerings of ‘R’ will serve to build upwards on his current collection of Robert Graham fashion styles and will expand his connection and spend with the brand. This is a new growth opportunity for Robert Graham to provide our customer with traditional styling yet more subtle details.”