Steve Aoki Vision Street Wear Authentic Brands Group

Authentic Brands Group, which owns Vision Street Wear, has teamed up with Steve Aoki to bolster the line.

The DJ and producer will serve as brand collaborator and co-owner. Aoki said he would be involved in all areas of the business, including overall strategy, marketing and creatively developing each collection.

“This is a whole different world than doing an endorsement deal or a sponsorship deal and just rocking some T-shirts,” said Aoki. “Vision is a beloved brand to me. It’s a brand I grew up wearing and loving through my adolescence and now I am in this position to be a part of maintaining and growing the brand on all different verticals.”

Vision was founded 40 years ago by Brad Dorfman, who started out producing skateboards before introducing Vision Street Wear. Authentic Brands Group acquired Vision Street Wear, which works with partners in Japan and South Korea, in 2014.

Nick Woodhouse, president and chief marketing officer for Authentic Brands Group, believes Aoki, who played at his bachelor party, is the ideal person to build up the brand.

“I always knew what an amazing creative force Steve is,” said Woodhouse. “He produces terrific content, has an amazing social following and people are fanatical about him. He resonates with youth, he’s disruptive and he aligns very well with the ethos for the business. He’s also a terrific business man.”

Aoki said this partnership would have no bearing on his Dim Mak streetwear line and the assortments have different creative directions, but he’s hoping to move beyond logo T-shirts for Vision Street Wear and produce a full collection.

“We want to become more fashion forward but continue to stay rooted in the culture of what Vision stands for,” said Aoki.

It is the only streetwear brand in ABG’s portfolio, but Woodhouse said he’s interested in the category.

“I love the space. Whether we incubate something or buy something we are always looking for great brands,” he said.

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