The look of gypsy women served as the starting point for Diego Marquez and Mirko Fontana’s pre-fall collection for Au Jour Le Jour. Instead of taking the inspiration too literally, the duo managed to rework it and nicely incorporate it into an urban wardrobe for hip, young women.

Layering, a key element of the gypsy look, influenced the charming outerwear, which included a style featuring a checkered coat combined with a faux shearling jacket. Aprons were worn over striped Bermuda pants and the inside-out denim skinny trousers. The signature braids of gypsy women echoed in the long embroidered details applied on the backs of cocktail dresses.

The collection also included a range of playful eco-fur chubby coats, patchwork jeans and several pieces, including a plissé midi skirt and a more casual sweatshirt, printed with images of Caravaggio’s still lives with fruits.

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