Siblings Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman are hitting a milestone of 15 years in business. The independent, family-run brand has found success in its masculine tailoring inflected with the slightest feminine nips and tucks, such as the slimming, inwardly curved waistlines found in this season’s plaid and herringbone blazers and coats.

Over the past few seasons, the pair have been drawn to juxtaposing the power codes of Thirties masculine tailoring against sensual boudoir loungewear. “The tension and interest created by a dichotomy in style was a starting point for this collection,” explains Freeman-Topper in a press release. “Women so often have two aesthetic personalities — one in public and one in private — and this collection seeks to bridge that gap.”

Taking cues from muses Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich — who challenged gender norms by adopting men’s dress — typically structured silhouettes maintained a sense of ease and elongated length. A long camel robe coat was a prime balance of structure, shape and ease. A plaid print set, too, was a pajama-like interpretation of suiting. Items like the robe coat and aforementioned blazers and coats appeared to have the most wear potential, transcending trends and seasons, with a bit of cool. Yet no item balanced men’s wear, longevity and everyday casualness than the plaid bomber jacket with sporty drawstring ties at the waist.