“Every collection is a springboard for the next,” stated Maggie “Marilyn” Hewitt during a morning walk-through of her pre-fall 2018 and fall 2018 collections. Upon walking into the room, this feeling is apparent in Hewitt’s pre-fall assortment through identifiable brand colors: lively reds, pinks and greens that transition to subdued and neutralized hues for fall. The feeling floats throughout both collections à la athletic details, flowy silk dresses and tailored separates with feminine twists.

For both collections, Hewitt played with textures. There was a great gingham trenchcoat with “grandpa plaid” panels as well as a smocked long-sleeve button-down for pre-fall, while fall’s standout included a playful tartan tennis-skirt-trouser-hybrid pant paired with a one-shouldered crisp white top. There was plenty of updated Maggie Marilyn staples: athletic hoodies and bombers with organza ruffles, modern blazers with sleeves that could be worn down or cinched up, flowy silk tops and striped day dresses. The overall theme of the collections could be summed into Hewitt’s catchword of the season: easy. In her case, this meant creating superchic yet relaxed throw-on wear, whenever or wherever clothes that walk the line between masculine and feminine. “I think that’s the always the thing for me, the fine line between feminine cool, where you’re not too pretty but not too masculine. That beautiful in between,” best stated Hewitt. Her best interpretation: a beige strapless wrap trenchcoat dress paired with beige flared trousers and a white button-down blouse with extralong sleeves.

Season five is the brand’s second time strategizing around two collections with four drops. “You’re not checking out your first season Maggie Marilyn now when season five rolls around…every piece goes back with each season so beautifully and that’s important,” proclaimed Hewitt. Through this system, she’s continuing to build a strong brand that’s not only ethically conscious, but also set to last.

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