Moved by the strong and beautiful women speaking out against men who have abused them, Michelle Smith designed her latest Milly collection to empower and embody them. “It has been consuming my mind, these beautiful and strong women….I see them in my mind as bullfighters. I perceive their fear of coming out and speaking out…” Smith said. She drew a visual comparison between these women and actual bullfighters, with all the fear and violence, and created a collection to honor them.

The allegory was instantly evident through the strictly white, black and red color palette. Smith focused on super high-waisted pants, skirt and shorts silhouettes, inspired by the matador’s pant, and paired them with hand-embroidered poplin blouses, polka-dot off the shoulder tops and cropped taffeta tops that tied around the neck. A leather bra and shrug, along with super fun sequin dresses, added a great dramatic flare to the collection. Smith described each piece as emotional; overall, these were fun clothes with the power.

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