Ingie Chalhoub fashioned a pre-fall collection infused with references to banana trees. It wasn’t always obvious, as when appearing as an assemblage of embroidered beads, in bronze, brown and burgundy. Much more so when imprinted on organza — which she used for the skirt of a dressy cocktail gown, arranging wide panels in layers, evoking the rustling of wide, flat banana tree leaves in a tropical breeze. The print came in a subtle mix of green, brown and pink hues, reflecting but rearranging the natural colors. The black bodice was strapless. For daytime, a silky white body suit carried a print of the leaves, water-color style, in various shades of prune, red and black.

A shiny, silver fabric was used to make dresses, including one with short sleeves, and open in the back. Another reached the floor, with a slit in the middle, scooped neck and sleeveless, gathered at the waist. The fabric was laminated with long, thin strips, then pressed into pleats, a modern take on Seventies vinyl. Doubled inside, where it touches the skin, added an extra element of comfort.

It was an upbeat ensemble that projected that lingering summer warmth that propels us into the next season.

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