Bad taste is being embraced by fashion, including Francisco Terra. He attempted to answer the question “What is bad taste?” with his fall collection. “By blurring the lines between vulgarity and elegance, this season seeks to give a higher status to what is commonly considered distasteful,” the brand’s show notes said.

The designer also had in mind the “Bad Taste Ball season” his parents attended in Brazil in the Seventies, when as a child he’d watch movies with dreamy aesthetics. Such contrasting memories collided in the creation of the gender-fluid line, which was a mash-up of fabrics like corduroy, tweed, silk and velvet, textures and prints.

Silhouettes were heavy on boxy deconstructed, then top-stitched, seams – giving an inside-out feel – and ruffled and ruched skirts and dresses.

Not as flouncy and more striking were the smattering of knitwear pieces, like the oversized sweater with flower motif at the neck, and the streamlined, gray V-neck top paired with an asymmetric white skirt and floral leggings.

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