The purist and innovative architecture of Le Corbusier inspired the graphic appeal and the striking contrasts of the Sportmax pre-fall lineup.

The brand’s signature urban aesthetic was updated this season with a versatile approach resulting in the detachable details of a range of pieces, including leather coats and trenches, which can be transformed because of the functional zippers.

Graphic striped motifs contributed to the sartorial appeal of the sartorial outerwear and to the purity of the fitted midi dresses showing college-inspired polo collars.

The world of sport remained at the core of the label with multicolor bands embellishing the intarsia leather bombers and neoprene giving a soft touch to a zippered hoodie with the ergonomic cuts highlighted by the use of Lycra. An eye-catching starred print splashed on a silk pleated dress introduced a flamboyant touch breaking the lineup’s overall rigor.

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