“It’s so funny, everyone’s like, ‘What is ‘Goldfinger?’” Frederick Anderson grinned of the title of his latest pre-fall collection. It all stemmed from a trip to Amsterdam, where he was inspired by the city’s golden Renaissance period. He then observed all the chaos coming from the Trump White House, and remembered the James Bond classic “Goldfinger.” He decided to mix them all to create his own parallel reality, in gold, naturally.

“The idea of the Goldfinger is everyone was so beautiful and everyone was so chic and there was a feeling about it, which I long for. I thought of creating my own gold dynasty,” he said. A lace and tweed mixed suit, baroque-inspired lace minidresses and fringed frocks, all touched by — or rather completely in — gold. Anderson added textures throughout the lineup with his varying fabrics — most notably with a lace dress with tiered fille-coupe skirt and sleeves that was shredded on the back and gold-leafed on the front. While fabrics notably referenced the past, silhouettes were updated to be fun and flirty. “You can look back but have to come forward,” Anderson said, noting the importance of adhering to the needs of his young customer, who could easily pair her own T-shirt with his fringed skirt or hit the town in a light cyan and gold embossed filigree-esque lace matching miniskirt set.

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